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Steel Wool Rolls

We are providing best quality of steel wool rolls in Bhiwadi, Alwar(Rajasthan) and it wide continuous band of steel wool, makes economical pads for a large variety of industrial, professional, maintenance and defence applications. Also, ideal for making your own hand or floor pads for stripping or polishing floors, cleaning utensils and stubborn deposits. Manufactured in 8 grades: from Extra Coarse (Gr.6) for heavy-duty stripping to Super Fine (Gr.00) for polishing, including wax polishing.

Keshav Enterprises

SKT Steel Wool Rolls - Applications

Domestic Use

  • For cleaning utensils, bathrooms, tiles, garden equipments in household and Hotel Industry
  • For filling up joints or holes in buildings.

Industrial Use

  • Cleaning of floors, equipments and also for faster removal of rust and stains. Widely used for polishing ceramic insulators

Dairy Industry

  • Cleaning of milk tankers, canters, cans and greasy floors

Defence Industry

  • Used for heavy duty cleaning and maintenance of defence equipments in the Armed Forces
Keshav Enterprises

Steel Wool Rolls - Industry Use in


Rubbing Industires


Finishing Or Cleaning Industires